The First Night in the Trailer

So, it’s my first night in my trailer. It’s not as exciting as it seems. It’s parked in my parents drive way, but it feels like a milestone. I am here because in the morning, the folks and I are headed out of town and I am trying to buy a few more minutes of sleep by coming down tonight.

It’s giving me a chance to reflect on why I enjoy being in the trailer so much. I keep thinking about crate training dogs. In order for the dog to feel happy and secure the kennel has to be just th e right size. If its too small, it will be uncomfortable. Too big and the dog won’t feel safe.

This trailer, I conclude, then, must be me-sized. Luckily for me, I have the capacity to tow my home around with me, pulling the security of home with me as I traipse about.

I am swept up in the romance of the notion of having the security of being at home so portable. Where can’t I go? My home comes with me! (Well, Europe comes to mind, but let’s keep things to scale)

I can already hear people wondering can you really be comfortable in something that small? My resounding answer is yes.

I am excited that this may be the first night’s sleep I’ve been able to get in a week without spooning an ice pack.  I live on the top floor without air conditioning, and boy, does that air get stale. Today was about 90 degrees, with killer humidity, as it has been all week. Chugging water, swapping damp towels in and out of the fridge, are all designed to keep me from going insane. Using a laptop in those conditions is nothing sort of hellish, so there goes any productivity.

But, now, I am watching Dexter and blogging in my trailer, quite comfortably, as the mild breeze is able to ventilate this small space. Hell, the trailer is even better lit than my apartment.

xphoto (1)


While I’m sure in the months ahead, there will be times when I’m cursing this trailer, for now, I am quite enjoying my self-sized new home.


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