The Morning After

After sleeping in the trailer, I realize that the primary skill that I am going to have to develop is ignoring the inevitable delusional feelings of bugs crawling all over me. This will be tricky because sometimes there are in fact bugs crawling on me.

I woke up several times during the night, but none of that is unusual since I am by nature a very poor sleeper. Since I was only parked in my parent’s driveway, I didn’t draw the shades so I woke up with the sun. I am a big supporter of making your sleep schedule match the sun. (9 out 10 insomniacs agree, if the sun is down, you should be sleeping.)

I got up very earlyand stepped right outside. That was a nice feeling. After taking the dog for a walk, my parents and I headed up north to go fishing. This is giving me a warm up for my life without readily accessible internet, which I think will be my greatest challenge. That and the probably-imaginary-but-maybe-not bug thing.

It’s also giving me a chance to reflect on how much pragmatic knowledge I am missing. And the equipment I am missing. Going away for just 5 days to a cabin that is full wired with plumbing is quite the affair. It gives me a little pause about the undertaking of 120 days.

Currently, I have2 months and 10 days to prep and what I have for supplies begins and ends with the trailer and a borrowed car.  If I think about it too hard, I do start to panic. But then I remember that this project is in part learning to accept that minute planning is not helpful to me. It is ok to have a loose plan in mind, and not everything needs to be settled 70 days in advance.

That being said, 70 days is not a long time, really, and it’s time to get organized. I will be purchasing supplies and equipment gradually over the next few weeks. This is in part to help absorb cost, and to slowly get used to the idea of how different my life will be for these four months. (Embarrassing confession: I am 371 words into this post written without internet access and have tried to access Facebook twice, purely from habit.)

So, in order to keep myself organized, I will be creating a Supplies page that I will be updated with new purchases, and things that I may inevitably discover to be useless and discard throughout the trip. The first big purchases when I get back will be a spare tire for the trailer, and work boots for my time on the farm.


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