Self Examination and some minor concerns

Last time, I addressed some bigger concerns about undertaking this trip, such as theft and personal safety. But to be honest, the ones that are giving me the most pause are seemingly minor concerns. How am I going to take enough lotion with me? Oh, right! I’m going to need prescription drugs and allergy medication! What’s going to happen to my pepper plant? I’m not going to have access to ice cold water ALL the time, like I do now.

But when you eliminate practicality and convenience from the equation you start to look at your Life Stuff differently. Everything about me has to fit in the trailer, so begins an odd sort of self-examination. When you have to take your life and cram it into a trailer, and then drive that trailer across the country from your home and away from  the places you’ve come to rely on, interestingly enough, to help sustain yourself, you start to think about your life a little differently.

Brushing my teeth? Multiple times a day. Coffee? Could probably learn to go without. What shoes? Well, I have a lot of options. Probably have to cut those down. Thank god I enjoy cold showers already, because I bet that would suck getting used to.  And what on EARTH am I going to do with all my stuff?

So, now my life is now being filed into descrete categories. What I want with me, what I want to come back to, and what I should just get rid of.

Toothbrush? With me. Cute wooden turtle carving? Come back to. Sacred Heart of Jesus candle I impulsively bought at Cub foods? I should just get rid of.

Independence and problem solving? With me. Career path and relationship choices? Let’s revisit those when I get back. Outdated, stifling relationships? Time to let them go.



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