Monthly Archives: August 2013

So, let’s real talk. I actually have no idea what I am doing with this project. And that’s a big part of the appeal. Coming into my late-mid 20s, I found my life plateauing, and I realized that my life wasn’t what I wanted it to be. I feel that I lack the basic life skills that I need to be the adult I want to be because I have let my habits run away with me, and haven’t really given it a lot of thought.

Granted I could hold down a job, and pay my bills, but getting my dishes done is a struggle, and the internal conflict and emotional bartering that goes into getting to the grocery store is on an epic scale. I never had to learn the practical life skills that I associate with self reliance.

I remember David Sedaris telling a story about how he moved to Tokyo in order to quit smoking, the theory being that a change in environment makes it easier to stop falling into patterns. That rings true to me, so I decided to plan where a trip where I need to make deliberate choices about nearly everything, because the creature comforts I have come to rely on are not going to be there. I am going to have to rely on myself, simply because there aren’t any other options, and hopefully develop practical skills for self-sufficiency.

So, what’s my first step in this journey into to pragmatic self-reliance and truly being an adult? Having my dad teach me to drive.

I have never driven a trailer before, and let me tell you, backing that sucker up is tricky. So, here I am at 26, trying to be an adult, with my dad next to me in the car (that I borrowed from my mom), with him snapping instructions at me every 2 seconds and my insisting that I can do it myself. Hmm, It’s almost like I’ve been through this before.

In addition to actually learning how to back up the damn thing, I am also learning basic maintenance. I have been tackling the electric system, water tank, and of course, changing the tire.


This summer has been extremely busy, getting ready for this trip. I have been working a few jobs, and taking on extra work to try to earn a few bucks for some extra cushion to get through 4 months. I am also finishing up a course with the University of Minnesota on Sustainability and Global Food Systems, and building up honey inventory for Turkey Hill to get through the holiday season, as well as getting ready to extract honey in a few weeks. But luckily the last major factor has fallen into place. I found a subletter for my apartment. With 40 days to spare!

All in all, it’s been a pretty stressful couple of days, as I try to unclutter my life. But just as I started to lose sight for why I am doing this, I got to snap this picture at the county fair.


Now I know Big Diary gets a bad rap, and there are a lot of big Cow Questions. But for now, can’t we all just hug some cows?