Let’s hug some cows.

This summer has been extremely busy, getting ready for this trip. I have been working a few jobs, and taking on extra work to try to earn a few bucks for some extra cushion to get through 4 months. I am also finishing up a course with the University of Minnesota on Sustainability and Global Food Systems, and building up honey inventory for Turkey Hill to get through the holiday season, as well as getting ready to extract honey in a few weeks. But luckily the last major factor has fallen into place. I found a subletter for my apartment. With 40 days to spare!

All in all, it’s been a pretty stressful couple of days, as I try to unclutter my life. But just as I started to lose sight for why I am doing this, I got to snap this picture at the county fair.


Now I know Big Diary gets a bad rap, and there are a lot of big Cow Questions. But for now, can’t we all just hug some cows?


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