Zen and the Art of Trailer Maintenance

So, let’s real talk. I actually have no idea what I am doing with this project. And that’s a big part of the appeal. Coming into my late-mid 20s, I found my life plateauing, and I realized that my life wasn’t what I wanted it to be. I feel that I lack the basic life skills that I need to be the adult I want to be because I have let my habits run away with me, and haven’t really given it a lot of thought.

Granted I could hold down a job, and pay my bills, but getting my dishes done is a struggle, and the internal conflict and emotional bartering that goes into getting to the grocery store is on an epic scale. I never had to learn the practical life skills that I associate with self reliance.

I remember David Sedaris telling a story about how he moved to Tokyo in order to quit smoking, the theory being that a change in environment makes it easier to stop falling into patterns. That rings true to me, so I decided to plan where a trip where I need to make deliberate choices about nearly everything, because the creature comforts I have come to rely on are not going to be there. I am going to have to rely on myself, simply because there aren’t any other options, and hopefully develop practical skills for self-sufficiency.

So, what’s my first step in this journey into to pragmatic self-reliance and truly being an adult? Having my dad teach me to drive.

I have never driven a trailer before, and let me tell you, backing that sucker up is tricky. So, here I am at 26, trying to be an adult, with my dad next to me in the car (that I borrowed from my mom), with him snapping instructions at me every 2 seconds and my insisting that I can do it myself. Hmm, It’s almost like I’ve been through this before.

In addition to actually learning how to back up the damn thing, I am also learning basic maintenance. I have been tackling the electric system, water tank, and of course, changing the tire.


  1. Eeee I love this one! I, too, am learning to drive in the mountains right now. It’s strange driving practically horizontal sometimes haha. But yeah. Bottom line, you’re awesome.

    • I had to go to the auto parts store and ask for a scissors jack. Boom. Skills learned.

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