Montana, Part 2 – Glacier National Park and finally finding Idaho

I am really glad I pulled off and decided to camp when I did last night. Not only did I need to take my cranky pants off, I was in no state of mind to tackle the winding roads of the Montana Rockies, or the deer and other wildlife that skittered across the road in the early morning, while I was driving the remainder of the way to Glacier.

Safety concerns aside, I am glad I got to see the scenery in the full light of day. I made it to the park entrance at about nine in the morning, and headed up to Lake McDonald, the largest lake in the park.

The park had its first snow a few nights before, and so the seasonal trails were closed. Other trails were not accessible with the trailer, so I did most of my exploring on foot around the lake. I bought a cup of coffee from a very frazzled Korean girl, and sat by the lake, making small talk with a large Japanese family as they took many, many photos.

After only an hour or so, I headed west again, with the intention of getting to Spokane in the early evening. Since it was less than 300 miles from Glacier to Spokane, I decided to take my sweet time, and stop very often to stretch my legs and take pictures.

Now, you may be asking yourself, what about the cows? Don’t worry! I haven’t forgotten about the cows. All will be revealed in due time, once I get a more stable internet connection.


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