Reflections so far

Dear readers,

It would behoove me to reflect occasionally as I sojourn around the country. So I did just that recently and it occurs to me I have some explaining to do. Here are some of my conclusions:

1. This blog is kiiiiind of a bummer, eh? It’s all global impact and the imminent threat of starvation and the philosophy murdering chickens spiced up with some National Park photos. Yikes.

Even though I am a light hearted person, and have a sense of humor, I think there is a tendency to think the only things that are interesting are things that are Important. And Important Things need to be treated with gravitas and solemnity. I
have fallen victim to that attitude when selecting my blog topics, and so have made them Serious, and tried to force humor into them as an after thought. I hereby resolve to be more genuine in the tone and scope of my writing.

2. Boy, ther sure are a lot of typos;
(Mom, those ones were on purpose.)
I am relatively new to personal blogging. And if I am being 100% honest, typos don’t bother me in the least. I can go on endless tirades about grammar and language prestige and speaker competency vs speaker performance that English majors hate and linguistics majors applaud. But I won’t. I will just try to be more vigilant about my editing, and be less soap boxy.

3. I need to be deliberate and routine oriented.

Part of the typo thing is that I have unpredictable Internet access, especially in mountain areas. So in an effort to produce at least some content, I try to get it out as fast as I can when I can.

This could easily be addressed by using a WordPress scheduler and creating content a head of time. This would require setting aside a set amount of time each day in order to do so. That is something that was hard at Skipley Farm, as there was very little routine and I never knew when I would be working or for how long. I don’t have that excuse here. There is a loose schedule that allows plenty of personal time for me to get things done. That is also true of days I am traveling, as I set my own schedule. The fact of the matter is, working for yourself requires a sort of internal discipline I am missing right now, and like any skill, need to practice.

4. I still want goats of my own.

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  1. cgparkin said:

    Love it – from recognising the typos through to the process of posting itself (I always try to keep a few draft posts lurking in the background)! All the best with it all.

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