Next stop: *insert blank here*

Getting a tinsy bit nervous guys. The impeding arrival of my Brain Twin/Spirit Animal, Mama TT, in Las Vegas at the end of the month means I have Plans for the first time on this trip. Those plans are as elaborate as “Be in Las Vegas on the 25th”, but it kind of puts me in a wonky place as far as my next WWOOF site is concerned.

I am planning on departing the olive farm at the end of the week, and have no idea where I am going next. I am hoping to stay in the southern California area, or hopefully Nevada or northern Arizona, but so far I am having trouble drumming up a site to visit.

Finding a WWOOF site is more complicated that it sounds. For example, “near Palm Springs” can sometimes mean “2 hours from Palm Springs”, which makes mapping farms and scheduling driving time a bit tricky.

Other than location, there are a few things that I look from selecting a site. The first being if they even accept WWOOFers in the winter. Mostly in California this isn’t a problem, but often farms are looking for long term seasonal help. Some farms are looking for people with specific skill sets, that I lack. Irrigation experience, animal husbandry, etc. I am basically unskilled labor, and have nothing to offer but chutzpah.

On the opposite end of the spectrum of from those farms are the farms that seem basically to be resorts for hippies to congregate and get high, and have no description of any agrarian efforts. (Again, no judgements, but it’s not what I am looking for.) The challenge is to find hosts who are in the sweet spot of blending farming as a lifestyle and as a job. Because it’s both, I am learning.

This afternoon, I spent about 3 hours scouring the WWOOF site, emailing potential farms to inquire about openings. I make notes to myself about the farms, and which ones I should follow up with a phone call.  It feels like applying for a job.

Considering how late Skipley Farm came through, and how late this farm came through, I shouldn’t be nervous yet, but as my departure date draws near, my buffer zone between farms gets smaller. This is not necessarily a big deal, since I will be taking a break over the Thanksgiving holiday, and while I am spending time with T on walkabout. Not having a plan is making me feel anxious right now, and to be real, there isn’t anything different from any of the other times I’ve left a destination. But I think my costly experience in Yosemite is making me a bit gun shy, and I find myself getting into old anxiety patterns.

If this, then this. If not this, then this. It’s an exhausting mental exercise. And it’s totally bumming me out. I’ve also had my first cup of coffee in like 2 weeks, which quite possibly be making me neurotic.

Thankfully, it’s National Blog Posting Month, and I can channel that caffiene fueled anxiety into something productive. This is a community effort to help bloggers grow and develop their skill set. Since I recently identified regular content as a weak point, this seems highly appropriate. So here’s a post a day in November.


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