Arriving in Arizona

Time to resolve the long standing cliff hanger that I know has had everyone on the edge of their seats. The answer to this week ‘s episode of “where in the world is Corinna Minnesota?” is….. Arizona!

Are you surprised? I am! You may recall my stress out day when I was shower-less and without a destination in mind. That issue resolved itself in an overly helpful way. I had two offers to stay on farms, one in Arizona, one in Nevada.

I do have A Plan to be in Las Vegas on the 25th, so Nevada seemed like a good option. But! Arizona is a cattle ranch. And I do have a well documented obsession with cows. Through some juggling, I worked it out so I was able to visit both over two weeks.

Arriving on farms is a pretty stressful day for me. I never really know what to expect and it usually involves a day of driving where my imagination can run wild. They could be any type of people! They could be total jerks, or organ harvesters or cult leaders. Or vacuum salesman. The point is, I just don’t know!

Like always, my hosts are very kind, warm and generous people. I arrived late in the evening because the drive took me about 11 hours, despite google thinking it would take 7.

Ella, my host, greeted me with surprise, and a firm grip on the shoulders and told me sincerely, “I am SO glad you’re here!”

She showed me to the WWOOFer quarters, where I met a fellow WWOOFer who is from Ireland. We watched Mean Girls and went to bed. All that worry for nothing! And tomorrow, I get to learn about cows!


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