Las Vegas

I am not cut out for Las Vegas. I gambled away a dollar and stayed out past dark. At least I think I did. We had a hard time figuring out where the outside began. There is a large outdoor screen that covers the real sky for the sake of digital fireworks and patriot quotes, which made the whole ordeal extremely overwhelming.

There were middle aged men in speedos and tennis shoes, Toby Keith playing over loudspeakers and 14 year old boys giggling over misogynistic blow job t-shirts. This is what the world does when it’s trying to punk us.

But the mojitos were great, and the showers were fantastic. Plus going to bed at 9 really helped the overall mood of the group.

It’s hard to reconcile a place like Vegas, with the Overton farm, only an hour away. But driving through the rest of Nevada has demonstrated in great detail, that without any people to feed, there aren’t any farms.

I am excited to see my family and all that. And was glad not to struggle with the milking machine today, but I miss the goats, and not knowing if I am going to be on another farm like Quail Hollow is kind of bumming me out. But, as the experienced traveler knows, you can never recreate perfect experiences, and it is a silly to try.


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