Mama TT’s Guest Post

Mama TT/Brain Twin/Spirit animal here. Since I am joining Cori on a portion of her walkabout travels, and because she is plumb tuckered from from the daily blog posting of November, I am doing a little guest post. Since I missed out on all of the farm festivities, I’ve got little to offer in the area of farm wisdom, but may have some insight on what happens when two insomnolent hermits who prefer to communicate through text messages live in a trailer together for an indefinite amount of time.

But first, how did I end up on walkabout?

I thought Cori was dead for a while because she didn’t text me for almost 14 hours. It was weird because I was worried but I also wanted to respect her space and I thought there might be a good chance she was faking her own death and obviously I would not want to interfere with that. So I buried my feelings deep and decided to join her on walkabout so we wouldn’t have any more of these misunderstandings.

After buying my one way ticket to Vegas, where she kindly offered to pick me up after she shifted some of her plans around, the guilt started to set in. What in tarnation was I doing encroaching on another hermit’s alone time? What Cori is doing is basically the coolest thing ever. Lots of people talk about things they would like to do, places they would like to travel, how they’d like to take a break from real life and road trip across the country. Few people actually do these things though, in my experience. But Cori is actually doing it and that is just plain badass. So what do you do when a friend has worked hard to achieve a goal and put incredible time and effort into creating what could potentially be the perfect solo travel experience and a catalyst for personal growth? Well, you invite yourself along of course. I felt bad but not bad enough to not go.

In the midst of a life panic about my own living situation I texted “I WANNA GO ON WALKABOUT” to Cori and she didn’t tell me to go take an ice hike in heels so I took that as an “ok” and began packing incredibly weather inappropriate clothes.

So far I have been on Walkabout for only 6 days. We went to sleep early in Vegas, drove through all of Nevada where “Nude Girls” signs and abandoned ghost towns beckoned to us, slowly crept through part of California, where we found a lovely RV park to spend my first actual night in the trailer, and arrived in Portland where we’ve been crashing for the last few days. I have learned a few things: teardrop trailers cure insomnia, persimmons are amazing, pugs and I are food motivated, and being able to climb out of a cozy nest, walk around to the car and drive off is a pretty great feeling.

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  1. Woo woooo Mama TT in da house!! I missed this post earlier. I am super excited for you guys! This trip is way too awesome.

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