So long Portland!

We finally left Portland, and we figured out that Theresa will be with me for roughly the entire month of December. Thank God, as shut-ins, we’re both ok with sitting quietly for long periods of time.

Our initial plan was to head east from Portland through Idaho and Utah to the Grand Canyon. But apparently this week is the week the Frost Giants decided to wreak havoc over the entire continent. So, we did some quick re-tooling, and are heading down California Route 1, where there is less snow and temperatures are still in the double digits.

I get a little self-conscious about my life style now that someone is privy to almost every waking moment of it. To handle the unnerving social anxiety of having such a close proximity roommate, I just pretend to myself that Theresa is still living in my phone, so she can’t actually see or hear me unless I want her to, and continue to be condescending to other drivers and make cat noises around sharp curves.

we are currently nesting in the trailer in an RV park somewhere in northern California, on the coast. Since we didn’t really put ourselves out there today, the life lessons weren’t exactly crashing home, but T did have some feelings for the coast redwoods, and I finally got someone to take some scenic pics, shut-in style.


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