Trailer Hacks

Nothing like having a novice in the trailer to make you feel like you’re a pro. Whether it’s where to put your shoes at night or what to do with your dirty laundry, I have the answer for you.

Here is are the fruits of my wisdom:

Wide swinging doors.

The doors on my trailer will swing all the way open, 180 degrees from closed position, and slam into the side of the trailer. Super annoying. It’s loud and makes it a pain in the ass to close. I tied a rope around the latch box on the inside of the door and tied the other end to the garment hook on the inside of the trailer. I cut the rope to the right length, so it won’t bang against the side of the trailer, and the door is easily closed from the inside by pulling on the rope.

Frozen locks.

Sometimes when you’re living in the trailer, it gets really cold. And sometimes, in addition to being really cold, its also really wet. This means that your locks will freeze. Mostly this will happen to you when you’re in Portland. When this happens, it usually works to heat up your key with a lighter, and gently turn it back and forth. Or, if that fails to work you can call your cousin to come help bail you out. Then while he is braving the cold in the early morning to come help, you can swear very loudly, and you’ll get it open 45 seconds before help arrives. If you can swear while small children are walking passed on their way to school, it will probably help too.

But seriously though, you can condition your locks with this spray stuff that will help keep them from freezing. Or just leave Portland.


Get some of this.



Broken Curtains.

My curtains are paper. A lot of moisture builds up in the trailer due that whole respiration thing we sometimes do when we sleep. And when your door whips open due to gusting winds, the moist paper curtains are easily ripped. Duct tape.


So, you’ll notice that a lot of my problems are moisture related. In fact, driving through the rain means the base board of my trailer gets wet, which means the bottom of my memory foam matress gets wet. And if I sleep on it I get wet. I don’t really have a hack for this. But either way, it’s the most upsetting thing. I am working on it. Stay tuned.

  1. Haha love this post!! Any tricks with the frozen locks? (I like how I’m asking as if it’s relevant to me.) I remember once my locks froze up on my own stinkin car and I poured some of my hot tea on it hehe. Worked!

    Could you wrap everything in plastic like a grandma teardrop trailer in order to avoid getting wet? :p

  2. I love life hacks articles. they are especially necessary when spending time in an RV. Like when you are in the shower, turn off the water when you are not rinsing yourself off, especially when you are boondocking. the more time you spend in an RV, the more of these little tips you build up.

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