Salty Michael Pollan

While I’m not his biggest fan, I will hand it to Michael Pollan for articulating some of the biggest conflicts facing food reform in this country. I think he misses some big points about food security for large parts of the population both domestically and globally.

For example, starting your garden, as he frequently advocates, is a great way to reduce environmental footprints, be sure of your food safety. and control your input. However, many of us live in apartments. Many of us work excessive hours to pay for those apartments. Excellent suggestion, but not feasible for everyone. (Please note, I’m not saying it’s pointless to start a garden, or building community gardens is useless. I am, like I almost always am, simply pointing out that the issues are many, and they are almost always more complicated than what everyone would like you to believe.)

Whatever issues I have actionable steps advocated for by Pollan, his recent interview for Salon does bring up some important issues for how to approach food reform, particularly in treating the problem comprehensively and in tandem with health. Food and health are so closely related, it only makes sense that food and health policies should also work together.

The interview is definitely worth a read, and provides a cursory introduction to the many facets of food reform.


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