Martha Kent is the True Hero

As a child I was very fond of the WB cartoon the Batman/Superman Adventures that aired after school. For those of you who are not in my particular age group, the show alternated between episodes featuring the two titular characters. I remember very vividly on one of the Superman episodes, Clark Kent returns to his home town of Smallville. and we are introduced to his parents. The running gag throughout the episode was that the Kent parents were small town rubes, with very little going on in their lives, so much so that they would comment endlessly about what was growing in their neighbor’s fields.

Well, here it is, some 15 years later, and I have become Superman’s parents. Driving over miles and miles of states’ nearly abandoned rural routes, I find that often the only words that pass between me and Theresa are quips that point out what’s growing, or some mild discussion of whether that is some variety of kale or maybe swiss chard.

Am I as boring as Superman’s parents? Will city children be taught to think I am tedious and boring? Well, if I am so be it. I thought it was pretty damn cool to see cotton growing for the first time.

So, sure some people might think that its boring, but wait until they see the 800 pastures with SHEEP grazing. Now, that will get them excited. 


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