Feminism and Farming

It’s kind of a funny thing being a lady in mostly male dominated fields. From beekeeping, to rock music and project development, the majority of my professional career has been spent with older dudes telling me what to do.

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I ask these older dudes what I should do, but sometimes they come down with a pretty bad case of  Now-See-Here-Little-Lady-itis. It’s an unfortunate part of reality as a young woman spending time with older dudes.

But, in keeping with this week’s theme of “damn the man”,  the winds they are a changing. It would seem that ladies are stepping up to the plate and are leading in the transformation of the sustainable agriculture program. About 1/3 of people who identify their primary profession as farm are now women. Huzzah! Now, if we could only get the average salary about $25,000, we’d be rolling.

I’m sure there are volumes written on the relationship between women and food. In fact, I have read some commentaries that attribute the current food system to women entering the workforce. As women began entering the work place in droves around World War 2. With women out of the home, but still expected to be the primary cook, the demand for convenience and prepackaged foods skyrocketed. What lazy working moms, eh?

But either way, women and farming should have a lot to do with each other. I can’t really speak for other women and their desire to farm, but I know for me it has a lot to do with having a measure of independence and freedom, as well as control over my health.

There is value to getting women in every industry, but when women achieve a certain level of subsistence through farming, it can help alleviate much of the social, political and economic pressures that cripple women and children throughout the globe.

So let’s hop to ladies, damn the man, and grow some peppers. I hear they’re good for cramps, too.


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