Tech Savvy

So, I am awful with technology. I would not be hard to find testimonials of the extremely unlikely and peculiar problems my machines develop. I’ve had IT professionals assure me that it’s not *exactly* my fault, but I appear to be the only common denominator.

Why am I telling you this? Well, to explain what I am doing and to experiment with new methodologies.

I haven’t had a camera with me on this trip, and have been relying solely on my iPhone. Which is cool, but I almost never hook up my phone to my computer to transfer anything.

It’s just one of those things that is a result of seemingly harmless decisions and happenings that if I explained my process out loud, it would seem utterly asinine, and leave me open to ridicule. We all have these things. You’re not better than me.

But essentially, I just email myself everything, from links to articles and photos. I use draft emails to brainstorm posts. People who know how to use computers get upset when I tell them that I do this. I am not sure why. I know how to use my email client and everything is on my phone, with a convenient web based back up.

I am confessing all this to you, because I am trying a new thing. Posting to WordPress via email. Considering I use the wordpress app on my phone, why would this be a thing that is useful? Well, for one, guest posts (you know who you are!)

Secondly, photos! I took this photo outside of the Utah State House. Bees are a much better choice than lions. Way to go Utah.

So there you have it. Still emailing photos to myself, but just eliminating a few steps. FTW.


[UPDATE: I can also update by making a phone call.  I will try this when I am not being watched by the Utah State Patrol for loitering outside the capital. Moving it along.]


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